About Us

The company “Marbo” was founded in 1991. Engaged in production of 100% natural products for hair regrowth – Marbo Shampoo 03, Marbo lotion and Marbo Activator.

Traditional family recipes, special selection of natural substances, its processing, production methods, as well as thousands of loyal patients make “Marbo” a Serbian brand.

Over the period of ten years (1991-2001) a team of dermatologists tested and monitored results of Marbo products for hair in “Marbo” dermatology offices (Belgrade, Novi Sad and Subotica). They tested Marbo products on over fifty thousand users against alopecia areata and hair loss in both sexes.

Against alopecia areata the success is in 87% of cases, while the anti-hair loss (Anti-Dandruff Effect and dandruff) success over 50% of cases.

The world has recognized the success of Marbo products for hair regrowth. Marbo products are exported to European and North American market.