Customer experiences

User S.M., 80 years old from Belgrade

“I’m just calling to thank you, children. I have fully recovered my hair using the Yellow lotion. Nobody who sees me, can believe. I talk to everyone and recommend your lotion.”

M.R, a user from Backa Topola

“Why don’t you advertise? If only you knew how many people suffer from alopecia areata and have no idea that you can help them. How much I have struggled for years with no results, looking for help everywhere… Please advertise, people haven’t heard of you. Thank God you exist, you’ve saved me …”

User I.Č. from Croatia, 26 years old

” …After using the Activator for approximately half a year, a major progress was more than obvious. Namely, after the first two months of the application, gray-yellowish hairs without pigment have grown and gained the pigment later on. After a year of applying the Activator, 98% of my hair grew back. Just a little more and that’s it … I continue to use it and recommend it to everybody.”

D. R, a user from Belgrade

“I’ve been using these natural products which completely stopped the loss of my hair and improved its quality as well. I no longer have dandruff. The hair is silky and breezy and the scalp soft and healthy again. Convinced in the proven gradual medicinal effect of the Marbo Lotion and Marbo Shampoo 03 I am expecting the growth of new hair. Of course, I am continuing with the therapy.”

User K.P.M.

“I got alopecia in July 2009. At the beginning of the treatment, as my dermatologist recommended, I used: a gel, a solution, a lotion and shampoos that were said to stop hair loss. More than half a year later, when I had already lost lots of hair I heard about Marbo while searching through all possible websites that offered similar products for the treatment of alopecia. I started using Marbo at the beginning of 2010 and in a short time my hair started to grow back. Until the complete recovery I have applied Marbo for a year.”

User T.K, Belgrade

“I have started using the second bottle of Marbo Activator, and my hair is already growing in places where it fell off last … Of course, it’s only a beginning but I do hope for the best, considering that this is the first product that has already proven its effectiveness after only one month…”

M.P, 57 years old

“Every day, for a year and a half now, I’ve been using the Shampoo and occasionally the Activator. I lost so much hair I was almost bold. Doctors were telling me it’s genetic, but thanks to Marbo products it’s incredible how visible the results of new hair growth are. At the beginning, new hairs were thin and without pigment, but as time went by they were getting stronger and stronger. I am going to continue with everyday application of the Shampoo and Activator and you can expect to see my photos soon!”