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dr kukaDr Gorana Kuka is a Belgrade doctor specialized in plastic surgery, and a large part of her practice is an important segment of aesthetic surgery called hair transplant. Dr Kuka encountered this method by chance in her early years of her work in a renowned Belgrade plastic surgery clinic, and ever since she’s considered as the top hair transplant expert in the country.

How did you become interested in hair loss and hair transplant?

Several years ago the Belgrade clinic I worked in decided to expand the scope of our offer and start offering hair transplant. We acquired the latest hair transplant device called Neograft and we were supposed to learn how to use it successfully. Since I was the youngest doctor on the clinic, I was the most interested in the subject and I realized that, among other things, I could become very good at it. There aren’t a lot of doctors working in this field in Serbia. I went to France for training and ever since I’ve been learning new ways to improve hair transplant.

What have you been doing since to improve your skill?

I started hitting the books to master the theory, but I also needed to see a seasoned expert in action. That’s why I went to New York to dr Robert Bernstein, a Columbia University professor and the creator of the FUE technique – the one I was looking for. I also made sure I’ve attended every congress and workshop coveringthis subject; I travelled to Turkey, Belgium, France, Italy, the USA. I spent a lot of time with dr Jeffrey Epstein later on to perfect procedures such as eyebrow and chin transplant, scar correction. It’s always good to see other doctors in action since there’s always something one could learn. Still, I think there’s lot to learn from each intervention one makes.

How did you start getting into curing hair loss?

Over time more and more women started having hair loss ploblems – hair transplant could play a crucial role only in certain cases. That’s why it’s of paramount importance for me to establish an accurate diagnosis and adjust my treatment. Once again I sought out help abroad – I visited dr Antonella Tosti at Miami University and dr Lisa Ishii at John Hopkins University. They are certainly the two leading experts in hair loss treatment for women.

On what do you base your therapy?

On an accurate diagnossi most of all! Each patient requires an individual approach and an introductory interview with them means a great deal. The knowledge of patient examination I have today helps me a great deal. I have a few diagnostic tests I run, dermoscopy (trichoscopy) is mandatory, and in certain cases also biopsy. The diagnosis determines the course of treatment – starting with basic care such as shampoo, then a lotion, vitemins. Lately I found myself using the laser treatment more and more because it’s so effective, as well as blood plasma therapy as a start of the regeneration project.

How did you find out about Marbo products?

I to se desilo slučajno! Kako i sama patim od sezonskog opadanja kose, ušla sam u jednu apoteku blizu Slavije i zatražila šampon protiv opadanja kose koji sam do tada koristila. Ljubazna apotekarka mi je predložila da probam Marbo. Bila sam skeptična prema promeni, ali kada sam pogledala sastav šampona moje sumnje su nestale, a nakon prvog pranja kose znala sam da je šampon odličan. Od tada koristim redovno i losion i šampon, kao i moje drugarice i koleginice. Često se šalimo u ordinaciji i kažemo :”To nisam ja, to je moj Marbo”, kao u onoj reklami.

When can Marbo products be used?

Oni su postali osnovna nega za sve moje pacijente. Oni su takodje prevencija opadanja kose ukoliko neko ima sklonost ka opadanju kose (genetsku, sezonsku, streogenu). Najčešće savetujem da se kombinuju losion i šampon radi boljeg efekta. Sastav prozivoda je potpuno prirodan, a ja se uvek ponosim da naša zemlja ima jedan takav proizvod. Aktivator, koji se koristi u lečenju alopecije areate (pečatasti gubitak kose) pokazuje sve bolje rezultate u mojoj praksi. Nadam se da će ovi prozivodi izaći iz granica naše zemlje i pomoći ljudima širom sveta u njihovoj borbi protiv opadanja kose.

Dr Gorana Kuka works on clinics in Belgrade, Miami and New York. The author of – a website dedicated to hair loss treatment.

She’s conducting research of the role of regenerative medicine in hair loss treatment. In the USA she heads a FUE hair transplant and female hair loss department under dr Jeffrey Epstein.